the letter G in colour pink surrounded with floral decoration and an open book on the counter of the G, with a fox popping out of it.
Hello. I’m Gwendolene.
UX Designer, Illustrator & lover of foxes

I have selected a few projects I have worked on over the last few years that showcases how I problem solve and the extent of my technical capabilities. Click on each project to learn more. I hope you enjoy the stories I tell!

UI/UX Mobile App concept
A fictional location discovery app
UI Dashboard redesign
Re-design online campus dashboard
UX research and UX design
About Me
I am a creative problem solver with a background in digital design, illustration and user interface design.

I am Gwendolene van der Merwe, a UX Designer and illustrator from Somerset West. I studied Visual Communication Design at the University of Stellenbosch and have a background in illustration and graphic design.

During my years working as a digital designer I have come to realize that UX design is a perfect discipline that has managed to capture the best of most of my interests — human behaivior, psychology, accessibility, visual design, technology, strategic thinking and storytelling.

I have cultivated my strengths in visual storytelling and empathy to compliment my designs into relatable and accessible user experiences. These are also aspects that will add value to your products.  

I am a team-player aswell as efficient in my time management and am proactive in how I approach my work tasks. I am always trying to learn new things and thus will make an excellent asset to your team as I am able to adapt to changes and I love a good challenge.

When I am not designing I am either conquering an enemy camp in Assassins Creed, or illustrating a story in my make-shift art-studio in the garage while listening to some Case File or Myths and Legends.


Education / certifications

How To Design for Accessibility  for UX Designers | 2021
Udemy Certificate of completion

Human-Computer Interaction for User Experience Design | 2020
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

Digital Marketing Disruptive Strategy | 2019
Business School, University of Oxford

BA Honours, illustration | 2017
Stellenbosch University

BA Visual Communication Design | 2015
Stellenbosch University

Work experience

UX designer | 2022 - present| Polymorph Systems

Mid-weight Graphic Designer | 2021 - 2022 | 2U inc.

Junior Graphic Designer | 2019 - 2021 | 2U inc.

Graphic Designer | 2017 - 2019 | At Pace Design and Advertising

CT Civic Center | Jan 2014  
G Studio Branding Agency | June-July 2013
Interactive Africa | Nov-Jan 2012

You can download my full résumé here. :-)